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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

It Had to be Fate
Dedicated to Jim - I've waited all my life for U

Submitted by Linda

We were young the first time 'round but the minute we saw each other we knew there was something going to happen. We dated for 2 years, I, 22 and he 26. After 2 years of dating and being pretty comfortable with each other, a job came up for Jim in Florida. He hated his factory job here in Wisconsin and decided to move. It broke my heart but we tried to stay connected. I made a number of trips to Florida spending a week here and a week there when i could and one time even staying a month and 1/2 before starting a job on a dude ranch in Arizona. Waiting for him to say the magic words, "stay here with me." They never came. I knew all along i loved him and he was a good man and believed he truly loved me but was still too unsure of settling down after being married once before and at a very young and having a child. We stayed in touch for a number of years and both went on with our lives but either of us ever finding that true love. The last time he contacted me i was seeing someone and told him i really thought i was in love this time. He was happy for me and wished me well. I never heard from him again. Ten and 1/2 years passed, no contact at all. June of 2002, I got home late that night and low and behold had a message on my answering machine - from who??? Jim from Florida - who happened to be in Wisconsin and actually in town around the corner from my house at his brother's!...He called back the next day and I walked over to see him. With butterflies in my stomach and my thoughts spinning on how he would look and what the long time reunion would bring, i went over to the house. I took one look and I knew nothing had changed. We embraced in a long hug with a small peck on the lips being rather unsure of what the other was thinking. We talked and ended up spending the afternoon at a family gathering of his brother's which included a 2.5 hour drive to get there! I refused at first because I thought it may be an uncomfortable situation not seeing him for sooo long, what would we talk about??? He had never married, myself, it was almost a year that i had gotten out of a dead end 8-year relationship with a man and very skeptical about any man these days. The ride flew by as we reminsced about old times, discussed present times and both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves through the whole day and evening. When I asked him what prompted him to, out of the blue call me, he said, last night we were out shooting pool and I ran into Ned, the guy I was with the first time I ever met you (20 years ago). He thought of me then. He said that night he got back to his brothers and decided to see if I was even in town anymore and listed in the phonebook. Saw the name, called and recognized the voice on the answering machine immediately!... From that day forward, which was only to be a short stay in Wisconsin for him until his mother recovered from her illness, we have been together since! He moved back to the state and we're spending as much time as possible together. This past January we spent a week in Hawaii on the island of Kuaui which was absolutely captivating and brought our relationship to another level!! I knew that this "second chance" love was for real and it truly was God's will to bring two lonely people still searching for the "right one" together. Every time we are together-we say, "what is this madness?" But we are enjoying every minute of the "madness" and have many talks about the future. And this time around its together!! I truly believe I found my soulmate and I believe he feels the same, unfortunately we just didnt know it 20 years ago! The beauty of this is even though its new its really not - all the nervousness that goes along with the "new dating" thing is not there, we went through that 20 years ago! Now its time to renew and strengthen and plan our future and we are both looking so forward to that. Whoever said there are no second chances, never heard our story! We plan on coming back to Hawaii again, who knows maybe for a honeymoon!!

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