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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Two Love Birds
Dedicated to My Boyfriend

Submitted by Julia

Last year my boyfriend was still stationed in Hawaii in the Navy. However, at that time he was not my boyfriend and we had only met once before on a blind date. Even though we had only seen each other on one occasion, soon after our meeting we started talking a lot online. One day a week after our date he asked me to come visit him in Hawaii. I was so excited and thrilled because I had never been to Hawaii and I really wanted to see this person again.

The next three months were filled with excitement and anticipation about my coming trip to Hawaii. Every day after I got home from work I would log onto AOL just to see if he was there. When he was there I was so excited to see him and would IM him off and on until I went to sleep later that night.

Finally the day of my planned trip to Hawaii came. I was so nervous during my flight across the Pacific and all I could think about was what I would say to him. However, when he came to the airport he put me at ease right away with the loving look in his eyes. Even at that time I think he had a little love for me and I for him.

The next day he took me to a very romantic and beautiful luau. It was Easter Sunday so everyone was especially happy and filled with the love of friendship and family. At the luau there was vender who was selling different pieces that he had made by hand. A pair of love birds caught my eye and my beloved asked me if I liked them. Unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend bought both of those birds on that night. Several days later he presented me with my bird and showed me his. He said that these two birds symbolized us as a couple.

Even though much has happened since that enchanted night at the luau over a year ago and our relationship has had its up and downs, I still know he loves me and that I love him. All I have to do is look at my Hawaiian love bird and know he looks at his every day, too.

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