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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My One True Love
Dedicated to my husband Randy

Submitted by Vivian

I was working in retail at the time and it was during a Christmas rush that I met my wonderful husband, Randy, 7 years ago. He had the most amazing smile that just melted you right down to your toes. We made small talk while I rung up his purchases, then he left and I thought "what a nice guy". I assumed I'd never see him again.

During my lunch break, a co-worker proceeded to pepper me with questions about my personal life. It turns out that "nice guy" was her nephew and he was very interested in asking me out but was too embarrassed. A good-looking guy like him and he was embarrassed! I was very flattered!

He finally came around after a week or so, and nonchalantly asked me out for coffee. He had a company Christmas party later on that evening, so we agreed that he'll pick me up right after work, and then drop me off to a friend's house. I didn't plan to eat, but when I arrived at the restaurant I was really nervous so I ordered a huge salad and ate! He laughed and said "I've never known anyone so small could eat so much!" We both laughed at this and it turned out to be a huge icebreaker between us. He has a wonderful personality and great sense of humor. We ended up sitting and talking for the next four hours and found out we have a lot of things in common. He didn't go to his company party and I forgot about meeting my friend. Randy and I talked about anything and everything that night, and boy did we do a lot of laughing!

We dated for the next 4 months and it was heaven on earth. He brought me little treasures and notes and poems...He was just beautiful and we were so in love.

Easter was fast approaching and we had plans to spend the day at his brother & sister-in-law's house for a barbecue, complete with nephews and nieces. It was a big affair and called for an early wake-up call. I'm a night owl so Randy had to really do everything in his power to get me out of bed. He said "Wake up honey, I have a surprise for you". I mumbled something like "I'm not ready", but again he whispered "C'mon honey I have an Easter egg hunt planned just for you". So with my disheveled hair and in mid-consciousness, I set out to look for the eggs. They were the plastic ones you get at the store, and each one contained a clue to the next. The clues were written like little poems; they rhymed and made me smile! I went from the second floor down to the laundry room, living room and finally the kitchen. In the pantry, I found the golden egg. He came in and watched me while I opened it. Inside was a diamond engagement ring.

We were married in a garden ceremony in Hawaii a year later. To this day, whenever I think of that early Easter morning, it always brings tears to my eyes and tugs at my heart. My beautiful husband so ever thoughtful of me, always putting me first in everything he does and making me fall more and more in love with him each and everyday. Seven years and twin girls later, we are still in love and looking forward to sharing this story to our daughters some day!

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