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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Forever Love
Dedicated to Brian

Submitted by Asha

Brian and I first met at work and his eyes captured me.
They are blue like the waters of Hawaii and twinkled when they looked at me.
He used to pass by my desk and take my hand gently to kiss and nibble it.
From that day we never left each other's side.
He wanted to change his life by going to college and would need to leave the city for three months.
He said, " I love you. If leaving is too much for you to handle then I won't do it.
I don't want to ruin our relationship".
If going to school was what he wanted to do; I would support him no matter what.
We have never been away from each other for more than a day so it was to prove challenging.
The day he left I cried like my heart was stolen.
Every weekend he would come home and I would cry like I was never going to see him again.
Finally after two months, I learned to smile and choke the tears so he would not feel bad.
On November 4th he called me in a serious tone and ordered me to be at home for his call.
I went shopping and missed him.
He called my cell phone in a rage and accused me of not caring for him since I missed his call and demanded that I go home right away so we can talk.
When I pulled up to my building, a car flew from behind and cut me off.
It was Brian. He drove home to talk to me in person.
I thought he must be angry if he drove all this way to talk. He said " get in the car, we're going for dinner." Surprisingly enough, we had a great dinner and pleasant conversation.
When we returned home Brian asked me to tell him how much I loved him because he needed some reassurance.
"Honey, I love you so much".
"But tell me how much.''
I laughed and said, " Honey, I love you so much that there are not enough days in my life for me to love you. I need to come back again and again to give you all the love I need to give you."
He smiled and asked, " Do you love me enough to marry me? I responded " Of course I do ". He then asked, will you marry me? I said, of course I will honey as I caressed his face.
He then got on his knee before me and said " No honey, WILL you marry me? As he brought out a box which contained a beautiful sparkling ring.
" Oh my god! I cried. Are you serious? "
He nodded yes with a big smile. I was in shock but I managed to say "Of course!"
Then he looked at me with those Hawaiian blue eyes and our love was sealed with a kiss.

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