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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The Man of My Dreams
Dedicated to Jonathan

Submitted by Aryel

I met him the day after Thanksgiving three years ago at the Mall of America. We made eye contact with each other from across the store. I was to shy to talk to him but it was love at first sight. My mom began talking with his cousin once Jonathan left the store because it was so busy.

His cousin took me out to meet him saying I was a friend of hers from college. We talked for a few minutes and my hands were sweating. I was so nervous I finally said it was very nice to meet I should let you continue shopping. I went back into the store with everyone wondering if we exchanged numbers, and I sadly said no.

Just a few minutes later his cousin came back into the store and asked for my number because Jonathan was to nervous to come back in. From that moment on my life changed. I can remember the first date and just feeling so comfortable with him I knew he would be the one for me.

We finished college and for while decided to go our separate ways. There was so much we both needed. There was about a year when we did not talk at all and both went and dated other people. I just never seemed to find any like him and everyone was compare to his high standard. I thought about him a lot and wonder if he was thinking of me.

Then right after September 11, 2001 I received and email to see if I was ok and what I had been up to. It was Jonathan and he was leaving for Marine boot camp in about a month. We chatted like we had never been apart and all of my feelings rushed back and I wonder how I had been way from him for so long.

We decide that once he got out of boot camp we would see each other. I waited 4 long months and not a moment went by that I did not think of him. I remember getting off that plane in Washington were I was meeting being as nervous as the first date. The moment I saw him I was at ease and new that I loved him and it was going to be forever this time. I had gone a year without seeing him or talking and I never wanted that again.

It was one of the best weekends of my life and we got back together. We got engaged over christmas and plan to marry December 2003. It is hard because he lives in Hawaii and I still live in Minnesota. I am counting each day until I can join him in Hawaii forever. We plan to marry there due to the situation the world is in now. It will be the easiest with his schedule. We would like to take a honeymoon on maui were we can spend some quality time together since being apart for so long.

We always say our love is the kind of love most people can only dream about. When we are together it as though nothing else matters. I thank God everyday that I have such a wonderful man who loves me and hope soon we will be together!

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