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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Caring comes in different ways
Dedicated to Ronnie

Submitted by Barbara

February, 1999, I couldn't believe it I was going to Hawaii!! I was so excited and had clothes and suitcases thrown everywhere My sweet husband had gotten us tickets for a 10 day cruise around Hawaii. This was to be for Valentine's Day and my 54th birthday on February 21. People at work were getting tired of my constant chatter about Hawaii and my getting out of the cold weather. I only had to do one nasty thing first and then I was off. I had to get a colonoscopy, no big deal I thought. I would just lay there and think about my trip. But instead my dreaming was rudely interupted by the doctor saying we need to bring your husband in to the room. I had cancer! I was operated on 4 days later and my dream trip was cancelled. My wonderful husband of 36 years knew I was about as depressed as I could get. On Valentines day he showed up at the hospital in an Hawaiian shirt with a lei for both of us and red jello made in a heart shape. He brought an Hawaiian CD, gently got on the bed with me and fed me the jello and some gingerale. I didn't get to make my dream trip, but I'm alive 4 years later and I have the kindest, most thoughtful husband any one could ask for. And yes, Hawaii is still that dreamed for trip.

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