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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Memories Of Dad In Hawaii
Dedicated to My Father

Submitted by Katy

My husband had surprised me one Christmas with tickets to Hawaii. We were to leave the end of March and was I ever excited!

I couldn't wait for March to come, but it finally did.

Two weeks before we were to leave and two days before my dad's birthday it happened. My father had a massive heart attack and passed away. I was devistated. My father had been a pillar of strength in my life, honest and caring, just the perfect father. How could I go to Hawaii now when I was buried so deep in sorrow? But go I did.

I could not believe the beauty of this magnificent place but still I could not seem to enjoy myself. How could I, I had just lost someone that had meant everything to me.

I was sitting in the hotel one day overlooking the beach crying and wallowing in self pity. Remembering my dad and the last gift he had given to me. It was a gold hummingbird on a gold chain, given to me for no reason at all, a couple of months before he had passed. I was wondering why he had given me this gift for no reason and why a Hummingbird? Suddenly I heard a tapping at the window and there sitting on the sill was a little hummingbird in all his glorious colors. I got up and approched him and still he sat there. When I was face to face with him he looked right at me "kissed" the window pane and then flew away. I knew this was a sign for me, from my father to enjoy the day, and every other day after that just like he had. So I went out and enjoyed the splendor of Hawaii.

To this day I try to enjoy myself on every day. I will never forget the "message" I recieved in Hawaii.

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