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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Time of Growing
Dedicated to My Life's Love

Submitted by Franni

We planned to stay for 30 days. It was a serious commitment for us to make. We had experienced Hawaii once before in a preplanned package. But was different. We were returning to paradise. We would live in a neighborhood, in a home, not a resort area.

We experienced the welcoming warmth of our mother ocean. We breathed in the spirituality of mountain trails, flowering walls, waterfalls. We shed tears upon viewing the northwestern view of the Napali coast while listening to melodies of Hawaiian songs played on a ukelele during a Hula class. We learned the Hawaiian way, the family way. We met new friends. We shared their families celebrations. I gasped upon first viewing the magnificence of Poli Hale at sunset. It was as if I were seeing a glimpse of Heavens gate! Hours and hours were spent viewing and being a part of the alien world of underwater. Such colors were overwhelming. Such life! We shared such an enrichment of our love for eachother and for life itself. Our love of over 28 years grew and deepened. The feelings of Hawaii, of Kauai, of the ocean and the mountains, of new friends, was blissfully overpowering. We were blessed. The sacredness of the island was evident everywhere we turned.

Yet, there became evident a deep feeling of impending darkness. I was aware of a powerful feeling that this closeness we were enjoying would help us to get through some unknown and event yet to come. It was without question. But it did not rule. We arose every day looking forward to what lay before us. The ocean gave innumerable hours of deep pleasure. The views she shared with us were eternally etched in our souls. The vision of the sunset, with both star and moonshine was exquistite! The night spent under the stars on the beach of Poli Hale gave us unceasing visions of shooting stars. We felt the inate respect for the oceans power and listened as we were lulled to sleep. What beauty..........

When our time of departure arrived, we suffered a painful reluctance. We knew it was our time to return to the Midwest. We also knew we would definitely return. Upon our arrival home we were welcomed by our sons. Family is our life. We soon learned what the impending darkness held. My Dad had been diagnosed with kidney failure. It was unexpected, there was no history. He was 82. He had been married to our mother for over 45 years before her death 9 years previous. He had served his country in the Army Air Corps. He was shot down and spent over 18 months in a German POW comp. He had 11 children. One of his sons was buried about a year after his wife. A parent should not have to bury his child. Dad was sad. Life did not hold the joy it once had. He underwent surgery to prepare him for dialysis. Life had suddenly taken a painful turn for him. But this time gave him and his family to share many blessings. We laughed and forgave and put behind us things no longer important. His children gathered at his side and shared the tenderness, love and pain of his experiences. At about 10 weeks after his diagnosis my father died at home. He was surrounded by his children and several of his grandchildren. We had sung softly and shared rememberances and laughed and cried together.........All the while my life long love and I were glued together. The pleasure of our amazing time together in Hawaii was constantly relived. We shared photos, and movies, and souveniers and stories. The love of the island continued to bless our hearts and our lives.

My love and I have suffered and been overwhelmingly happy. We always count on each other for loving support, unconditionally. We know we will always love each other, until death do us part........

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