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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Is It Alright
Dedicated to Stephen Curryer

Submitted by Kathryn

Dating for about 8 weeks I knew you were someone special brought into my life. I dropped in on you at work on Feb. 13, 1977 and you were so sorry because you had to work the next night too. You took me in your arms and asked "do you think it is alright to tell someone they love you the day before Valentines Day?" I thought it was ok and now 26 years 1 one day later you have given me nothing but love, joy, 2 WONDERFUL children and a job we work together in our home. No we don't get expensive vacations to Hawaii, or diamond rings for every anniversary but you still tell me you love me every day. (Not just the day before Valentines. I LOVE YOU STEVE!

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