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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Sense of Completeness
Dedicated to Saeeda Siddique (My Mother)

Submitted by Zahid

For our honeymoon, my wife and I had planned a two-week trip to Hawaii. We were very excited. There was a constant sense of ecstasy and anticipation in our eyes. Just the thoughts of sparkling beaches and turquoise waters; gentle breezes and graceful palms; and romantic, leisurely strolls under starry nights were enough to overwhelm us. We wanted the beauty of our experience to further nourish our love. Through it, we hoped to attain a sense of completeness.

Just two days before our planned departure, my mother was diagnosed with an advanced stage of breast cancer. She was immediately admitted to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and was scheduled for a mastectomy on her left breast in the coming days. My mother's sudden diagnoses put me in an undesirable dilemma. On one hand, I had an obligation to be with my mother during her time of need. On the other hand, I needed to honor those dreams and thoughts that my wife (and I) had cherished for such a long time.

To help me effectively resolve the situation, my dear wife 'came to rescue.' She told me that it was our duty to be with my mother. "We will have many opportunities to realize our dreams," she said gracefully. "It is more important to me that we stay with mom," she continued "then be in Lanai." Her words, simple yet powerful, exhibited to me the true strength of her character. They also helped ease my dilemma: We cancelled our honeymoon trip and dedicated our efforts to ensuring the well-being of my mother.

As my mother continues to smile through her ordeal, her strength and resolve have inspired my wife and I to experience more of those serendipitous moments found being in community with others. We have learned that we are all connected in our brokenness as well as our dignity, and that this is what ultimately gives us grace. We have come to embrace this principle both by sharing the important things and opening ourselves to being touched by the grace of others. In essence, my mother has helped us 'further nourish our love' and 'attain a sense of completeness.'

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