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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

As Beautiful As A Sunset In Hawaii
Dedicated to 50+ Romantics

Submitted by Vivian

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a 19 million inhabitant city, it was my dream to have been an exchange student in Hawaii. However, to my surprise, 32 years ago, I ended up in a small city in the thumb of Michigan. During my stay, I was a Senior in High School and dated this wonderful boy, Mike. In spite of being much in love, I had to return to Brazil and our lives ended up going different ways.
One lonely Saturday night, I was surfing the net when I clicked on a banner "" doubting my H.S. would be there. Sure enough it was, and I left a note on the board that if someone knew of the whereabouts of Mike, to please ask him to contact me. Amazingly enough, 8,000 miles away, Mike, who was also browsing the internet, was drawn to this same site "".

In awe to see my name there and to read my note, he was informed he had to pay US$ 25.00 to access my email, which, according to him, was the best money he has ever spent. That night, we found each other on the net and started emailing, talking on the phone, and trying to communicate the best we could.
Last May, we decided to meet and lo and behold, it was as if time had stopped and we found a love that was still there and this time, a mature one, which was as beautiful and romantic as a sunset in Hawaii.
We are currently in the process of taking the necessary steps to get married as we are committed to spending the rest of our lives together. We are undergoing many trials and tribulations, and, at our age, are having to start from scratch --- but, hey.... God has given us a Second Chance and this time we are not going to let it slip through our fingers. One day, we hope, we will enjoy a sunset in Hawaii and, at that moment, say to one another - now THAT is the only thing that compares to the beauty of our SECOND CHANCE!!!

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