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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Aloha is truly until we meet again
Dedicated to Joe Judd

Submitted by Megan

We met at a Utah amusement park when we were 14 years old. We held hands that night.

We were shy and it took some time, but slowly we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

We lost track of time when we were together. When we could find a car, we would drive around for hours, listening to music, and always holding hands. One day we just kept driving, hardly noticing when we crossed state lines. Day became night and we kept driving, laughing, singing. We weren't really going anywhere, we just didn't want the night to end. Finally, we drove home very late. Our parents were worried and upset. They had called the police. We were forbidden to see each other on threat of jail for him. We cried and let go. Then we lost track of each other...

We each moved on, got married, had kids, divorced. 26 years after we parted, I walked into a Salt Lake City Tiki Lounge and there he was playing Hawaiian music. He had been living in Hawaii, but moved back to Utah for a few months to help his Mom. We talked all night...we lost track of time.

We married in Kauai 2 years later...30 years from when we met. The wedding was full of love, beauty, and much joy.

Now, back in Utah, we hold hands, we laugh and we sing. And sometimes we still lose track of time. He plays his ukulele for me, as we dream about our next trip to Hawaii. We're together forever. Aloha is truly "...until we meet again"

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