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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Your Smile
Dedicated to Jimmy

Submitted by Debbie

Just as the first snowflakes fall in the winter, I always loved the changing of the seasons. It was the first really warm day of the year. After the big blizzard of 78, I was ready for the warm weather. As a scrawny pale teenagerl living in Rhode Island, I loved the ocean. The sound of the crashing waves comforted me. As I lay on RI's rocky coastline listening to the seagulls, I sometimes imagined myself lying on the warm sandy beaches of Hawaii, far... far...away from anything familiar. "Somewhere over the rainbow." I remember the warmth of the sunshine beating down on my skin seemingly melting away all my troubles. After a while, I decided to take a walk along the waters edge, careful not to let my feet touch the freezing cold water. My head was down as I walked along dragging my toe behind me. Then all of a sudden, BAMM there he was. I walked right into the love of my life. There was something familiar about him. I felt like I already knew him. He smiled, and for a moment, his smile warmed me like the sunshine, and for a split second in time my pain had eased. He politely apologized and walked away. Was that you my love? A few years later, I was introduced to you through my soon to be husband. You smiled right through me -with a familiar grin. Your eyes pierced my soul and in that very moment my fragile existence became calmed and at peace with life. I did not know what had happened, and certainly could not verbalize my emotions, but I know now, that my heart recognized you as my soul mate. When I looked deep into your eyes that day, I saw there, what I felt inside. We shared so s, neither one of us could express. Our friendship grew and our lives traveled along together inseparable-- yet we were still apart. Married to others we laughed and cried, our way through young adulthood. We raised our families side by side. You were there by me every time I needed someone with a supportive shoulder to cry on, or a strong moral backbone to enforce my decision with right from wrong. We became extremely good friends and learned to respect and nurture that bond.

You, my precious friend, have always been that smile which warms my heart and touches me so deeply where no one else has ever felt. The sound of your voice or the mention of your name gave me simple joys through the tougher times in my life. Months turned into years, and years to decades, and as innocent and imperfect as our relationship evolved, we grew to know and respect each other's individuality yet we never embarked on unleashing the obvious passion beneath our skin.

I began to doubt my life's choices and engagement to a man I had little in common with. I often wondered about you and finally one day I was drawn to seek the one comfort in my life that always made me feel safe and loved. My exploration of relations hips had left me incomplete and seeking more. It was you that I longed to see. I was anxious and nervous. I hunted for your apartment for almost an hour knocking on doors and trying to spot something familiar to no avail. As I was just getting ready to retreat, I spotted the local bar, Dev's. I figured I would give it a shot. Afraid and alone, I opened the door hoping this last chance would pay off and I slowly peeked in and looked directly at the bartender and asked, "Do you know Jimmy In..." Before she could answer I heard your voice say Deb! Trembling, I turned around. At that moment, w when I looked deep into your eyes I saw there again, what I had felt inside of me many years ago. We were sharing something between us, neither one of us could hide Your warm smile, which had captured my heart so many times in the past, was now facing me again. But it was more than a friendship this time, I desired you like no other. I felt the heat running through my veins, and was having strong, uncontrollable thoughts about holding you, caressing you, making love to you. My temperature soared and lustful thoughts filled my mind. Today our commitment to each other is stronger than any other relationship I ever experienced or witnessed. We share honesty and respect for the precious gift we have been given. Not only do I love you with all my heart, body and soul, I cherish being in love, and experiencing the ultimate relationship. We have finally embraced our destiny. when we get married and honeymoon in Hawaii, the warm sandy beaches will embrace our love and the sunshine will no longer melt away our troubles but in the arms of Hawaii's spirit and magic the sunshine will weld our souls together so that we will never be apart again.

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