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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Relationship Renewal
Dedicated to Everyone Who Believes In Love

Submitted by Katherine

My boyfriend and I had hit a lull after seven months in our relationship. It didn't help that we both work and attend college full-time. I was beginning to wonder if a relationship was worth it when he completely changed my mind. I went to his place one night after work and found a mat on the floor surrounded by candles. I didn't even think he owned any candles! My boyfriend had hired a masseuse to come and give me a massage. When I was completely relaxed (and after the masseuse left) my boyfriend replaced the mat with a blanket and a picnic basket with my favorite foods and strawberries and champagne. At the bottom of the basket I discovered his real present: two tickets to Hawaii for Spring Break. That was to be our first getaway together. After that night, I realized he would always make the hard times worth it.

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