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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Gift
Dedicated to Anyone whom needs a little hope

Submitted by Genevieve

It was a cold, dark morning. The sky was of a deep-gray blue. A ghostly mist hung in the still, silent air while a flock of birds flew overhead, mere specks in the colorless, gray sky. There was no sign of the coming dawn.

The town over the horizon was quiet, motionless. Devastated by the war, it was now a trampled heap of rubble, no longer the bursting place it once was. The streets, the buildings, once, long ago, were bursting with life; now, it was just a reminder of the harch realities of war. Children no longer frolic here; soliders inhabit each court, each sidewalk, with their weapons of destruction poised and ready.

Inside of what was left of an old apartment building was a young woman, of 23 years, crouching in the darkness. The place was bitter cold, the cement ground was hard as a rock. She, alone huddled in the dark, tried to desperately to keep warm. Her knees were drawn to her chest, her arms wrapped around them. Her head bent; long, coal black hair lay under her head scarf and hung lumply around her face, her eyes filled with red hot, burning tears.

In her hand was a crumpled piece of paper. It was a telegram, stating that allied troops had found her husband's body amongst the dead. He had been missing for several days, and that cursed telegram had confirmed her worst fears.

The little bit of hope she had left was shattered like a broken mirror. There was no hope for her now, in the war torn, forsaken state of Hawaii. Her will drained, as well as her strength, and like the great buildings of this once beautiful island, was reduced to a pitiful, shivering shell of the broken hatred. All hope was lost.

She despairingly looked out of the window above her, dared to expose herself just to get a glimpse of the outside world. She did not care anymore. She looked out through the rain spattered glass, and gazed longingly outside, as if she was searching for an answer.

The sight was appalling. Her home, like others before her, was reduced to ruins. Soliders were everywhere. Children's thin, sallow faces cried out at the sight of their troops food, only to be pushed down, witnessing the soliders snatching it away. From her devastated apartment explosions of bombs could be heard and occasionally the cries of a child.

She sighed and turned away. Her hands trembled as she held that woeful, horrible paper. In a burst of rage, she angrily crumpled it into a ball and threw it across the room. Her features distorted, showed the anger and sorrow she felt inside. Her pain flooding from her, burst our,a nd she sobbed in the dark.

Suddenly, a brilliant ray of light seemed to tenetrate through the dirty, rain speckled glass. The room seemed to light up, and the grieving wife lifted her eyes, chest heaving with consumed tears. She crawled to the window, and looked out in wonder.

The sky was now bursting with color; reds and blues entwined, mingling with dull clouds. A solitary ray of light had pierced through the mist. She was fulfilled with awe. For the first time in months she felt a strange, calm feeling over her; a sense of peace filled her soul.

She slowly crawled back down, and on hands and knees, went to the spot where she had thrown the paper. It lay still,in the coner of the room,c rumbled in a ball. Gently, she picked it up, smoothing it out with greatest care.

Suddenly, a speck of green caught her eye. Where the wad of paper had lain was a tiny flower. And to her it was magnificent. It's delicate, purplish peddles outstretched, seemed to reach upward toward the Heavens. Out from the dark, black earth it had sprung, into a war torn nightmare... Her eyes once again filled with those burning tears, but she smiled. A tiny, almost insignificant flower had somehow managed to thrive here in the light of the gray dawn.

"There is hope" she said fiercly. "There is always hope."

The young wife took this occurrence as a message from her husband, telling her that yes things would be difficult but as long as you have hope you can do extraordinary things. And though her husband was dead she knew that their love would never truly die.

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