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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A Twist of Fate
Dedicated to Jeff

Submitted by Brenda

The waves beat against the sand on the beach outside her hotel room. She laid in bed, eyes wide open, her mind in a whirlwind of thoughts. Not wanting to wake him she laid still, just listening to the sound of the waves and the muffled, rhythmic murmers of his breath. The two rising and falling almost in unison. She was awake, but dared not move in case it was a dream. This was one dream she did not want to wake up from.

Only a month ago she was in Iowa, treating patients at the community hospital where she worked as a nurse. Now here she was in Hawaii, lying next to the man she'd thought she'd lost forever. Had it not been for fate, and an unexpected ice storm, he wouldn't be here now. As she looked at his face, lying beside her, she could still see the faint scar from the crash that brought him back to her that cold night in Iowa. He had come there on business and was leaving the airport in his rental car when someone crashed into him. When they brought him into the ER she was on call, and almost fainted when she realized who her patient was. They had dated for two years in college, he was her first true love. But during their junior year he had to leave school because his mother had been ill. After he left she slowly lost contact with him and never heard from him again. Until that night. Now here they were, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Thornton. It was all the proof she'd ever need to know that "dreams really do come true."

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