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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Island Magic
Dedicated to Bill & Sarah

Submitted by Gina

I answered the door to greet my roommate's friend, Tom. Although 'The Boys' as we called them visited us from the base every weekend, I generally didn't socialize with them. Tom had brought along someone we had never met and Bill instantly intrigued me. Desert Shield was commencing and they were awaiting orders to leave Hawaii with their Marine Corp unit. For the next two weeks we went out as a group and enjoyed movies, dancing and the beach. Everyday we would say our goodbyes until they flew out to the Persian Gulf. A correspondence started and Bill and I began to know each other through letters. Occasionally I would receive calls from Bill in the middle of the night. One call at work included a marriage proposal, which my entire office felt I was crazy for accepting.

Once Kuwait was liberated and the boys came home we were at the base in Kaneohe to greet them. It was quite an overwhelming feeling to see the buses roll in and know our boys made it home safe. 2 weeks later with our families present, we stood at Diamond Head State Park and exchanged out vows. 2 years later Sarah was born. We left the Islands in 1994. I have never felt an ache as I did then. After 12 years of marriage we have yet to be able to visit the Islands. My soul remains there and now that Sarah is 9, I long for her to see the Islands and experience the magic I lived with for so many years.

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