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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Hawaii calls to me.
Dedicated to Everyone snowbound.

Submitted by Tammy

It is cold to the bone here. So cold that I stay inside all winter long hibernating. It sounds like something you would think bears only do, but Wisconsin residents also hibernate. The blues set in real fast, first in the fall, knowing that the blustery days of winter are approaching. Then the leaves all fall, the trees go bare, the geese fly south, wish I could. Winter is here. The blues are in full swing now. The sky turns white for many months, with only a few peeks of the blue. The scent of flowers in the spring can't come fast enough. This is the land that I was born into. Many of my friends have gone off to warmer places to live, away from family and friends. But not me, I have stayed and tolerated the cold, to stay by my family. Now I need to fly away, like the geese in the fall, to a place that is summer "to me" all the time. Hawaii with your floral scent, your friendly smiles, you call to me each and everyday, all winter long.

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