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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

On The Shore
Dedicated to Joni

Submitted by Stan

It was midnight we were on the beach watching the moon over the Island of Hawaii. Our thirty fourth anniversary, and my 60th Birthday combined, our children had given us this present. Love was in the air. We just sat and looked into each others eyes, thinking of the birth of our first born. a girl named Lori, grown now and on her own. Our second Todd, married to a wonderful girl, they were settling down in a small hamlet in Pennsylvania, and last but far from least our youngest, Glenn, also married and living in Las Vegas.This is what love is about. A kiss on the lips, as we fall from sitting to laying on the sand. Was it the Moon, or the soft winds of Hawaii blowing over head.

Love was the good times and the bad, being shared by each of us. The early days when the money was slow and could just about make the rent payments, we had each other, did we need heat, no we had each other. food, anything was fine, we had each other, and love was in the air.

Thirty four years later, our own business, and no money worries, but we still keep warm sleeping by holding each other tight in our arms. Food is still not important as long as we have each other,we have a large house and property, but we would give it all up in a heart beat if it meant we could not be together.

love is in the air

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