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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Dream
Dedicated to My husband, Dave

Submitted by Lois

I lived in Hawaii from 1975-1979. I was among the first graduating class from Mililani High School in 1977. I could not wait to leave and start my life, but found myself back nine short months after graduation. I again left, persued my career as an RN and found myself in not one but two failed marrages. During those years, I continued to be drawn back to Hawaii, about every two years until 1989 when my son was born.

Eight years ago, in February, a wonderful man came into my life. We will be celebrating our seventh aniversary on February 9th. For the first time in my life I know what true happiness, love, and a totally commited relationship means.

So how does this relate to Hawaii you may ask? Well, with this man I call my husband I now know what it means to be able to share thoughts, dreams, feelings and memories that touch the heart. I often tell him of the "magic, romance, and spirit of Hawaii", and altho I can just close my eyes and smell the aroma of flowers and the feel of the sun on my skin, and the peace and serenity of the beaches and sunsets it is hard to speak it in words. My dream is to be able to take him to this paradise. I want to share these things about the islands that has been imprinted in my soul and on my heart for all these years. I was truly taken by the "Aloha spirit" all those years ago, but never had the one true soulmate to share it with. I do have that now, and even if we never get there together, he can still relive my memories with me, for I have been blessed to have lived there, blessed with a wonderful son, and blessed with a husband who is my soulmate, best friend and lover.

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