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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I Love My Wife!
Dedicated to Genevieve Nealon

Submitted by Gerard

When my wife and I first met one summer many years ago in Hawaii, she was Vassar College and I was City College of New York. She understood art history,
romance languages, music theory and literature. I understood how to pull, dismantle, and repair car transmissions. She spent her school vacations with her family in Europe. I spent my school vacations delivering pizza in Brooklyn. Between us, it seemed we knew just about everything in the world except for the love we would find together that summer in Hawaii.

After twenty-five years of marriage and three beautiful children our love had not diminished but had evolved into a kinship, a friendship with roots buried deep into our twenty-five years of commitment. I needed to change that, to rekindle what was once a flame. We left our sleepy northern city to journey back to when and where our hearts first touched, Oahu, Hawaii.

We traveled back there, this time in the still of a New England winter. Everything had changed and nothing had changed in Hawaii. The long deserted stretches of beach where first we met were just as beautiful. We sat on the edge of the shore and watched cobalt-blue wave-tips glitter in the afternoon sun. In the distance an outrigger tipped from side to side. Here on these shores where together we once played guitar and sipped fruity drinks, now we sit grayer, bellied, tapping again into the love that once bound us together.

I snuggle my wife and asked her if she thought it were possible to retrace our steps up the steep cliffs of Diamondhead to the deserted World War II pillbox overlooking Oahu which we had discovered twenty-five years ago, and we both giggle like school kids in remembrance of that particular lazy afternoon and the love we had discovered up there. But we decide our cliff climbing days have passed and we stay on that deserted beach to watch the setting sun in silence except for just one murmur of love. I cuddle the only woman I have ever loved--- the only woman who has ever loved me--- kiss her, and whisper into her ear, "After all these years, you're still a marvel of a woman."

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