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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Different Kind of Love Story
Dedicated to Kalani, Kaleinani, & Kealia

Submitted by Nani

This love story isn't about a romantic kind of love. It's about a kind of love that is bound by years of service, bound by overcoming challenges, bound by trust, bound through blood. It's a love story that is sweet and pure and unique.

You see, it's a love story about a young family. A family abandoned by their father. A family who's mother had the courage and strength to rise above herself, set a goal, and obtain that goal. This mother was driven by her desire to provide for her family. Not just to provide a roof over their head and food in their mouth, but to give them more.

The desire of her heart was to teach them about love. The kind of love that makes families stick together in good times and bad. The kind of love that forgives and moves on. The kind of love that teaches "when everyone else walks away, your family will be there rooting for you".

Love has many definitions, but it is also a verb and requires action. It can accomplish many things. Things like returning to school as a non-traditional student. Driving one hundred miles round-trip daily to attend school for four years. This was done to keep the home-life as stable as possible so three young children would not feel displaced by moving away from familiar surroundings. Love overcomes pride. The kind of pride that keeps people from asking for help when they truly are in need. This young mother humbled herself and asked for state assistance to help her get through the four years of college necessary to obtain her degree. This meant "welfare". She had grown up in "the system" and vowed never to allow her children to experience what that felt like, only now to be eating her own words.

Abandoned herself, as a young child, her Hawaiian father and Hauole (Caucasian) mother divorced. Her father left the mainland for Hawaii, never to return. Alone and uneducated, her mother tried her best to raise her six children alone, but those were tough days. Days with few single-parent households. Days with few "mixed" families. No, this young hapa-hauole mother would not repeat history. Day after day she studied, she worked, she did laundry, she comforted "boo-boos", she cooked, and she cleaned. She would barely get to sleep before the morning would come. But she did it! She did it for "the cause". The cause of raising children to be happy, productive, and functional members of society.

Now that this family is not so young anymore, these children do not miss the opportunity to let one phone call or one letter go by without telling this, not so young mother, how much they love and appreciate all that she's done and continues to do for them. Her example and encouragement to edify love and commitment continues. Hawaii is known as paradise. Aloha is love. Paradise can be anywhere, as long as there is love. Happy Valentine's Day 2003!

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