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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Second Time Around
Dedicated to Paul

Submitted by Pamela

Paul and I first met in the Navy back in 1973 while stationed at Jacksonville, Fl during the end of the Vietnam War. I was dating another corpsman when I first saw Paul. He had a tiny feather stuck in his hat which of course was not part of the uniform. There was something about him that I just knew right then and there he was the one. Eventually we began to date, married and had our first daughter Jessica. But things began to fall apart and we divorced. I moved back to upstate New york and he stayed in New Mexico for awhile. Seven years later I contacted him for help when Jess fell and broke her hand. He came to see us, and we began to date again. We suprised everyone when we decided to get married again. We spent our honeymoon in Niagara Falls while I dreamed of someday getting to Hawaii. We now have a daughter who is 16 and Jessica is 26. We would have been married for 30 years if we had never divorced! But we are grateful to have had the second time around and someday will make it to Hawaii.

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