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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Most Memorable Moments
Dedicated to My Husband Maury Collett

Submitted by Denise


When I first met you, I told my girlfriends, "One day that will be my man! I'm going to marry him one day!" Three kidney transplants, two beautiful children and one wonderful marriage later and look, here we are planning our 10th Wedding Anniversary.

I look back at the past 14 years together and WOW what an adventure. We have been through so much. I wanted to share with you some of the most memorable moments in my mind of the years we have had together so far.

The day you asked me to marry you was an absolute dream come true. We were at the house you grew up in, visiting your family for Christmas. We had already exchanged gifts. And to my surprise you had one more for me. We went outside to watch the kids and with all your family watching from the window you pulled a ring from your pocket and asked me to marry you. That was very special.

July 25, 1994 and February 17, 1997 we received a special gift on each of these dates. The most handsome sons any couple could ask for. After being told we may not be able to have children because of your medication, here we are with not one but two children. Everyday I look at them, I see you. Who could has for more than that?

My most memorable moment with you is your third kidney transplant. You know a lot of people don't get a second, let alone a third chance at life but for some reason we are being watched after. To be honest, when your second transplant failed, I really thought we were on the down slope in life. Only because you had been through so much. My mom passed away in February, which was a tragedy. And within two months, we were blessed by a family from Arizona with a perfectly matched kidney on Easter Sunday 2000. The look on your face when the call came in and we told the children was unforgetable. What an amazing day.

A recent memory I have to mention is the day we were talking about what to do to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. You are not a very expressive person but I could not believe the look in your eyes when you suggested Hawaii. Romance was in the air. The excitment was great to see after all you have been through. I will never forget it. I can't wait to spend seven days with you all alone in the most romantic spot on earth. This will add one more fantastic memory to our lifetime together.

Everyday with you is a memory. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together. Memories are what make life great, and life is definitely great with you. You are a wonderful man and I just want you to know you touch my heart everyday.

Love Always and Forever

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