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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Mission: Impossible????
Dedicated to J.b.

Submitted by Sarah

Ok, here's the plan.

I figure out a way to get to Hawaii, most likely on a plane, since we all know my swimming skills aren't so good.

Get off the plane and kiss the ground while thanking God over and over and over again.

Next, I meet my best friend Joe who lives there, on Oahu, and now here's where it gets kinda tough.

(whispering).........(ok, here's the deal, me and joe are soulmates, HE knows it, I know it, but we both have really bad timing and fate OBVIOUSLY has a sense of humor, really folks, Lord knows if I had 5,000 more words to write YOU'D understand)

Ok, As I was saying, I meet up with Joe and knowing him he's gonna wanna go surfing, which terrifies me but we go anyway. He laughs hysterically at me as I fall on my face several times and eat a little more than my share of sand.

We go home to his house in the country, about 30 minutes outside Honolulu, I shower off the gallons of sand stuck inside my swimsuit and we head off for dinner.

He takes me to a quaint little restaurant by the ocean and we reminisce about all the fun and crazy things we did together when we were younger. We laugh so hard that we're in tears. I sip my glass of wine and look into his sea blue eyes and....WHOA...I'm on a mission!!!! And I'm getting sidetracked!!! Ok, back to the plan.

After eating what seems like pounds of poi, we take a stroll on the Kailua beach near his house and watch the beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

I wake up the next morning and Joe's packed a picnic lunch, he's planned the day for us! Yippie!! (Maybe this will be the moment to execute the plan! I'm gonna tell him what I've been trying to tell him for 7 years!!)

We head out in his truck to a secluded little beach that leads into a path into the trees. We walk for what seems like miles and as I turn the corner, I see this amazing waterfall that cascades into a pool below, ahhhhh, HEAVEN!

We eat our lunch while sitting on these big rocks and I'm laughing so hard at some story Joe's telling me, and decide it's time.

I look at him and I start to say it...."Joe...I..." "Shhh"...he says. "I love you too. Always have, always will. I want to do this every day for the rest of my life. That's my mission." I am in COMPLETE shock. "Ok, stop. We had the same mission?" I say. He smiles at me and says while laughing "Of course silly goose, YOU know and I know we're soulmates!!!" He holds my face in his hands and gives me the sweetest kiss I've ever had and jumps into the pool below.

Ok, so everything didn't go EXACTLY as planned but I would definetly have to say "Mission: Accomplished!" ALOHA!

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