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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

She Took My Breath Away In Hawaii
Dedicated to Darlene J Wisniewski

Submitted by Roger

I had the wonderful experience of visiting Hawaii just after New Years of 1970. I was serving with the US Army in Viet Nam and my fiancee, a college senior had met me there on my R & R. Unfortunately, two days prior to my departure, I came down with a bout of malaria and was medivacted out of my base camp for treatment. I was able to convince the merdical staff to allow me to leave instead of going for 30 days of convalesence. After a grueling flight, which I was dazed, high fever, and unable to sleep, I arrived at Fort Derussy in beautiful Waikiki Beach. The staff at the fort was very helpful in attempting to locate my fiancee, because I had no clue as to her location. I sat on a cement bench outside of the Reception Center for 7 or 8 hours gazing out at the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head off on the horizon. As the sun finally set, I experienced an inner peace that I have never felt before. Although, the feeling is hard to explain it was if I had just left hell and actually arrived in heaven. Shortly after dusk, a beautiful Hawaiian woman appeared and advised me that my fiancee had called and pointed to the hotel (The Kalia Inn) less than 100 yards away. I ran as fast as I could across the park to the hotel. The moment that I dreamed about for 7 long months had finally arrived. As I entered the lobby and caught a glimpse of her, she looked more beautiful than I ever could remember. My heart was pounding furiously and we embraced and kissed in the lobby. She took my breath away. For the next 7 glorious days and nights we experienced the awesome beauty of Hawaii, the beaches, the mountains, the night life on Waikiki Beach. We were never more than 3 feet away from each other, and I never felt happier in my life. Before sunrise we would sit out on our hotel balcony and were mesmerized by the gentle mist that would cover Waikiki and listen to the gentle sounds of the surf. I then came to realize that Hawaii is truly one of the worlds most precious gems. As this most memorable week was coming to an end, my fiancee insisted we marry on the beach at sunset. What a romantic and spectacular wedding that would have made, but I couldn't allow myself to go through with it. I had to return to an ugly war for at least 5 more months and I was not certain that I would ever make it home. Eventually, I did make it home, and we were married and have a wonderful life together with 4 beautiful children. Someday, I will fulfill that dream and marry that beautiful woman who still takes my breath away on a georgeous beach in Hawaii at sunset.

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