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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I Know How Much You Love Me
Dedicated to Larry Nelson and Martin Plasek

Submitted by Cynthia

There is one place on earth where you can hold the hand of the man you love, and know that you have been blessed by more than the here and now. A place soo special, that the healing powers of love renewed my life and heart. That place was Hawaii.

My husband Larry, and I always talked about going to Hawaii for our anniversary some time. But year after year went by as we raised our 4 children, working to make a good life for each other and our children. The dream of the Hawaiian honeymoon was always there, and the topic of many happy conversations between a couple very much in love. But it was not to be, as Larry was diagnoised with cancer, and died 8 months later. Larry tried to prepare me for life without him. "Get married again, travel,do the things you've always wanted to do," he said. I would hear none of it, and he tried to soothe me saying, "You don't know how much I love you, how much I wish I could have done for you."

I was heartbroken. I wasn't looking for love, but I was oh soo lonely. I met Martin, and I wasn't lonely anymore. He fell in love with me quickly, but it took me a little while. I was in love, but I couldn't let myself love Martin completely.
When Martin proposed, I said yes, feeling that I was ready. When he asked where I wanted to honeymoon, I told him to surprise me. I had nevered shared with him the dream I shared with Larry.

Martin's surprise was a honeymoon in Hawaii. But beyond the beauty of the island was the feeling that I got the first night there while standing on the beach holding Martin's hand. As I watched the sunset I felt the peace of love fulfilled. Had Larry had a hand in this? Another good man who loved me, the honeymoon in Hawaii. There on that Hawaiian beach I knew just how much I was loved.

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