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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Big Opportunities
Dedicated to Kurt

Submitted by Angela

I sat alone on the beach, being warmed by the fading sun. Fear churned within my stomach along with overwhelming excitement. The dream vacation to a tropical paradise had always been our goal. In the beginning, we were newlyweds with too many responsibilities and not enough money. As our bank account grew, so did the workday. We loved our jobs as well as the privileges the paychecks enabled.

One day, he arrived home with big news: he had accepted an incredible opportunity to train at corporate headquarters. After three years there, he would return to take over the hometown office. If I went with him, I could kiss my career goodbye. After many long discussions and even more tears it was settled: he would move and I would stay.

We planned to see each other over long weekends and call often. Travel became harder with the money involved and finding time we when were both free. As the phone bills rose, we found email to be the better choice.

The nights grew longer and colder. I even missed hearing him hum as he got ready for bed, one of his most annoying habits. But after a few months on my own, I adjusted. I even enjoyed sleeping in the middle of the bed.

Things started getting easier... almost too easy. When he came home for a long weekend, he seemed like a fish out of water. I refused to admit to myself that I was relieved when he got on the plane. We both realized that we were growing apart. We needed to spend some time together to save our relationship. But real life kept getting in the way.

Now we have reached the end of our separation. We decided to begin anew with our dream vacation to Hawaii. I arrived in the morning and fell in love immediately. The brilliant blue water, warm sand and fragrant flowers were beyond my imagination. Waiting alone on the beach, it all seemed like a mistake. What if we had grown too far apart?

Then he was there, sitting next to me, watching the waves crashing on the beach. I was scared to turn and face him. Three years had formed a chasm between us and fear kept me from bridging the gap. He reached out and lightly touched my hand.

I turned to face him and love anew flooded my heart. As I stared into his deep green eyes, I saw the love that he had always felt for me burn brightly again. Fear retreated as anticipation for our new life together took over. We lost track of time. I knew that Hawaii would live on in our hearts forever.

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