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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Pain
Dedicated to Dreams

Submitted by Kevin

marty and evelyn had always dreamed of hawaii. now that they were older now, they knew they would never see this island of their dreams. marty's spine was quickly getting worse from an old accident, he was having trouble just standing for more than an hour, he knew the time was short. he had dreamed of hawaii for many many years, and his thoughts would always go back to the lush, beautiful islands, especially when he was in pain. evelyn always hated to hear her husband of 38 years say they would never get there, so she just buried herself in her work to escape the pain of her impending loss of her loving husband, but there is still hope. so she usually spends at least 4 hours a day entering contests and sweepstakes, hoping someday she would win some cash or a trip of some sort to appease martys vagabond ways of always wanting to get out of the states for a trip of some sort. but marty knew it would never happen, he was sure of it. he had a premonition of his demise, he firmly believed it, so it was back to the books , tapes and dvds of hawaii, he knew it wouldnt do, but he has dreams, i would give everthing i own he used to say but no longer, he knew the dream was dead. he would never see the islands of hawaii. unfortunately marty committed sucide by taking an overdose of his pain medication, he could no longer face the increasing pain that dealt him a cruel blow every day. but evelyn made it to hawaii she had finally won 2000 dollars in a contest, it was an answer to her prayers, she now could take her husband to hawaii. although it was in an urn. she made a brutal hike into the high forest of the main island and scattered her husbands ashes onto the lush grasses on top of the peak. when she was done she could've swore she heard her husbands voice.... i made it, with you my dear love, we will be together soon in another paradise, thank you my love. poor evelyn passed away too very shortly after the trip, marty and evelyn are now in paradise together, just like hawaii.

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