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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Sea Holds Secrets Never Shared.
Dedicated to Jon-Michael

Submitted by Ronni

You stand in my memory still, young and strong, on that beach in Hawaii. You are staring across the waters and you look sad. We fought today and I left you. Threw your ring far out into the surf. Angrily I told you I would come back when you returned the ring to me. I turned my back on you and the lovely island life you promised me.

I hear your voice, loud and urgent, halting me as I go to board my plane back to the mainland. I turn. You are grinning. You are holding up a small object. It sparkles like your eyes. It is my ring.

I cry. You laugh. I ask "How?" You say, "How could I not?" I am in your arms.

I feel your arms strong around me now as they were then. We are old now. I look up at you. You smile at me. You ask me "Do you love me still?". I smile, "How could I not?"

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