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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Fully Hollow
Dedicated to Gina

Submitted by Chris

It has unbelievably been well over 20 years now, but to this day I still remember that exact feeling I had as my mother announced to the whole family that as a surprise, she was taking us all on a Christmas trip to Maui. I was ecstatic. My friends would be so jealous.

It wasn't my first plane ride, but certainly was the first on an aircraft of such enormous proportions. The cumbersome seat belt seemed like my only friend as the mainland slowly disappeared through the small window I was seated beside. Next to Disneyland, going to Hawaii would have to be every ten-year-old's dream come true. I was no exception. Travelling in our convertible rental car with the top down through Kihei and Lahaina are now embedded memories that I will never forget as long as I live. Much like the name of the little girl I quickly befriended at the seaside novelty shop. It was Gina.

Over the course of our trip I had developed quite the taste for macadamia nut chocolate bars, a local favorite, and had once again persuaded my parents to pull over and pick up a couple for the remaining drive. Gina was playing outside the first corner store we happened by, and as my Mom and Dad proceeded inside to do the shopping, outside Gina and I got aquatinted. Almost immediately after learning my name, Gina took me by the hand and led me down the twenty or so steps to the beach. We sat there talking and laughing on the soft sand, two worlds apart, yet closer than I had ever been with anybody back home. Gina took a small piece of driftwood that had capriciously washed ashore with thousands of others, and wrote our names in the sand. Friends forever, it said. Perhaps it was seeing our two names just etched there on that beautiful white sandy canvas that forever painted Gina into my memory. I will never know.

What seemed like an eternity could have only been a handful of tender minutes before my Mother's voice beckoned for me to come back to the car. As we drove away I still remember leaning over the folded down convertible top and even onto the trunk lid just to get a little bit closer to Gina as I waved goodbye to her forever. To this day, she has never been any further away from me than she was right then.

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