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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Flowers For Mom
Dedicated to Mom

Submitted by Ty

"She always like those best," I told my dad, pointing at the pretty white orchids.

It was the day before Mother's day, and Dad and I were looking for presents at the florist shop. Mom loved flowers. She adored all kinds of plants and blossoms, but white orchids were her favorite. It made it easy, for a six year old boy like me to buy Christmas, Mother's Day, and birthday presents. Even now, I can vividly picture her genuine smile when I rushed from my bedroom to shower the orchids on her. She always seemed happy to receive them, and would even act suprised, despite the fact that I would give her the same present every single year.

During my sophomore year of high school, Dad had saved enough to take us on a seven day trip to Hawaii. I wanted to spend every moment at the beach, trying to learn how to surf. Unfortunately, Dad wanted to spend half the day taking Mom to the lush tropical gardens and landscape of the Aloha State.

"How boring!" I protested, "I don't want to look at stupid flowers all day!"

Mom, in that gentle, yet firm way, said I could do whatever I wanted to do in Hawaii, as long as I reimbursed them for my portion of the trip.

I went looking at flowers.

All in all, it wasn't that bad, as we did get to see some beautiful trees and plants, but I wanted to get back to the beach. Patiently, I waited, for what seemed like hours, while mom gazed admiringly guesed it, the white orchids. She always liked those best.

As the years progressed, I always gave mom some white orchids for Christmas and other holidays. I asked once, if she ever wanted a "normal" present, like a sweater, or somehing else that wouldn't wilt and die in a few days. She reminded me that even if the time is short, it's always better to be surrounded by the things you love.

I tried to keep that saying in mind, as Mom grew older and began to succumb to the evils of Alzheimers' disease. I'd visit her at the nursing home, where she would often forget what day it is, or my wife's name. But whenever I'd see that lost look in her eye, I knew the sparkle would return as soon as I showed up with a fresh batch of white orchids. She always liked those best.

Mom died a year ago last October. Everybody close to her said it was for the better, and I guess they are right. Still, I didn't know how to say goodbye to the only woman other than my wife, whom I've ever truly loved. After the funeral, after everyone had left, I walked up to her casket, kissed it, and placed upon it a bouquet of white orchids.
She always like those best.

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