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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Only in dreams
Dedicated to Charles Lee- my knight in shining

Submitted by Virginia

On Valentines Day 1998, Chuck said "I Do" to three children and me. He was young, had an excellent job, many man toys, and lived comfortably single. He blessed my children and me with a loving father and a stable home, which they were unfamiliar. He sold his toys, took on more work, and asked me to be a domestic goddess. He has always called me his Queen, and I try in vain to show him he is my King, my Knight.

We did not experience a first honeymoon, rather a night at a hotel where we slept- too exhausted after planning, hosting and paying for our wedding. (and he bought me my dream gown) Since that time, we were blessed with three more children, one of whom has spent the last 11 of his 12 months in and out of the hospital. Chuck and I have not had a moment alone since February 2001, or sleep since September 1998 (child #4)!

He has always dreamed of giving me a honeymoon, but as always, we have foregone a honeymoon for a family vacation. Chuck has always put my family, our Family first. On October 10, 2002, he officially adopted my three children, and is now the proud father of a six-pack- ages 11, 10, 8, 4, 2, and 1 today! After the adoption, Chuck said to me, "maybe when Celia gets married she'll get us to Hawaii." Chuck knows that my dreams are of crystal blue waters and white sands. His are to see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial. We dream of a time when we can sit alone, without distraction, fall asleep listening to waves crashing up against the shore, and wake when we wake. We often close our eyes and vacation in our dreams, as we afford the costs of living, not of luxuries.

For his sacrifices; for his undying need to care for all of us; for his lack of a savings account; for a toy mustang that he cannot drive; for the jet ski, the soupped up truck and the stereo equipment he sold for a mortgage; and for the beautiful children he has brought into this world, I yearn to make his "Dreams Come True?"

Chuck has recently prepared many soldiers for the inevitable, preceded by a weekend alone with six kids while I was away for a volunteer conference, bade farewell as Chaplain to two friends and legionnaires, and dealt with the stress of his father's stroke, and his close uncle's cancer and our son's health. Since our son's diagnosis in February 2002 with an abdominal tumor, Chuck has witnessed a tracheotomy, ventilator support, 2 abdominal surgeries, diagnoses of lung disease, all in his 1 year of life. This by far has been the most difficult thing for him to see- a helpless, lifeless baby in his arms, who cannot cry or talk. A vacation, with trusted nursing staff at home, no need to wake at 6am for changing of the guard, and a night experience without curfew, would ideally make Chuck, feel like a KING!]

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