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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Butterfly Dream
Dedicated to Carol-my bride of 24 years

Submitted by Don

She was captivating the very first time I saw her, wearing that colorful blouse with those flowing "butterfly" sleeves; captivating, beautiful, free. Always one to hope that dreams could come true, a youthful dream became a reality...a beautiful and loving bride; a butterfly dream. Married while still in college, we were quite poor, but quite happy. I became a preacher, she became a teacher, but she set it aside to teach and raise four sons at home. The preacher's wife; long hours, late nights, new responsibilities, few escapes. Not quite as poor, blessed indeed, but more busy than happy. Finally, a chance to renew; another dream fulfilled. A Hawaiian dream realized, made possible by a grateful and loving congregation. Hawaii; always captivating, ever so beautiful, but...still too many burdens and responsibilities to feel free. A dream with too many clouds. My beautiful butterfly, so deserving to fly free on that peaceful garden island. A hope now, to bring two dreams together once again.

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