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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Missing that Aloha Spirit.
Dedicated to Hawaii

Submitted by Andrea

My story is a love story. A love for Hawaii, my home. I moved to Hawaii when I was ten years old, in 1977. We actually sailed there from California on a small boat captained by my father and mother. The Ala Wai harbor on Oahu was my new home! The years I spent in Hawaii became the blue prints for who I am now. My parents supported us by doing day charters taking guest out sailing and snorkling. I attended Public school and learned the Hawaiian cultures and customs as well as as little Japanese!We moved from Oahu to Maui for the buisness and there I learned to surf! Being a petite girl I was like a feather on the board. I found my passion. Other surfers got to know me as the girl who paddels "in" from the boat. I fell in love with Hawaii every time I took the charter guest out snorkling and soon began to learn all the names of the reef fish and corals. What a playground! My parents were begining week long charters so that ment I would have to go to boarding school since we lived on the boat and they would be gone for three weeks out of the month. Hawaii Preparatory Academy on the Big Island was my new home for the next two years! What a wonderful experience for a teenager. I loved Hawaii and even learned the Hula and danced in several May Day shows. It was during a sunny weekend day, in the moutains gut above H.P.A., that I would recieve my first Hawaiian Kiss at Anna's pond. It was a day I will remember forever! He collected plumeria flowers for me to make into a lei and swam with me in the cool depths of the "bottomless" pond, eventually "rock jumping" to "show off" at the end of the day. Sweet Sixteen was short lived as my parents pulled up anchor and set sail for their next destination, the Caribbean. Now, grown up and a mother myself, I day dream about the wonderful days spent on my beloved Islands of Hawaii and await my return to beauty, my Ohana. Mahalo.

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