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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Good Things Worth Waiting For
Dedicated to Mema

Submitted by Shari

Wayne and I had one month together in 1970 as man and wife before the Navy shipped him to Japan for a year. He called me from Hawaii while enroute and said, "Someday I'm going to bring you here for a real honeymoon." We wrote letters daily to each other for the entire year's separation, fantasizing about our reunion and a trip to Hawaii together.

Being young and poor, our honeymoon had consisted of traveling around small Texas towns and visiting family. Our favorite visit was with my grandparents, Mema and Grampy, married in 1930. Mema commented that she had never cared about traveling, except that she had always wished she could go to Hawaii.

By the time Wayne and I were able to finally go to Hawaii in 1997, Mema and Grampy were too frail to make the trip with us. We had a week in paradise, visited Maui and Kawai, and covered every mile of both islands. We had to see and do it all in case we never made it back.

We shared our trip with Mema and Grampy, through pictures and videos and related every detail of our Hawaii experience. Mema said it was almost as if she had actually gone herself.

Grampy passed away in 2001 and Mema just celebrated her 91st birthday. Mema says she is so happy to have such wonderful memories of 70 years of marriage and their "trip" to Hawaii with us.

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