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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

An Untouchable Heart
Dedicated to Marie

Submitted by Steve

"You must be a thief, because you completely stole my heart." Yes it was corny, (especially for a first date), but she laughed. She actually laughed!

Four months later, it was my birthday. Up until then, it appeared that I had all of the passion in this relationship. While I was head over heals for Stacy, she seemed somewhat ambivalent towards me. We always had a fun time together, but I just wasn't sure of her feelings towards me. Then I opened her present.


"What did you give me?" I asked, holding up the empty box. She smiled.

"I'm giving you my heart."

That summer we were married and my life began. We loved each other and loved spending every moment together. My buddies would joke about "the old ball and chain," but deep inside, I think they were a little jealous. Stacy and I were in love, and very happy, and it showed. This was the beginning of a wonderful life together.

Then it happened.

Of course we were both devastated at first, but she quickly became the strong one. I tried, I really did. "How does she do it?" I'd ask myself. "How does she keep going? How does her heart keep from breaking after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer?"

After the inital shock, depression overcame me. I selfishly mourned my future, wondering what I would do without her. While I drowned in my misery, Stacy continued to go to work, call on friends, and carry on with a happy heart. She had the courage and heart for both of us.

Finally, after weeks of tears, I made a decision. Stacy deserved better. If our time together was going to be limited, then at least we would make the most of it.

I called the travel agent.

Hawaii was perfect for us. The soft white sand made us forget about cancer. The rolling aqua sea erased thoughts of chemotheraphy, and holding hands against the backdrop of an amber sunset reminded us that regardless of what lie ahead, we would always be together.

It has been three years, two months, and seventeen days since that magical evening. It brings me peace and a warm smile to recall how beautiful she looked and the feeeling of love that we shared. It's as if a part of her is still with me. In fact it is. Cancer may have ravaged her body...

...but it couldn't touch her heart.

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