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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Lucky for me...
Dedicated to My Friends

Submitted by jacalyn

I had been a busy single working mom of 2 great kids for a quite a while, and after my children were off to college, I decided to try something new.

I took a job as a nanny. It was quite a flip flop, now I was working; yet staying at home to raise a child.
He was a charming little boy.His single mom a hard working physician and I became friends.

We both were interested in meeting men, for "dating and possible romance", and I loved surfing the internet on my time off.

So I did a free trial on an internet dating service, and received lots of interesting responses.On the last day of my free trial, I browsed through the photos of local men that were on line and noticed a cute guy a little young for me who sounded very nice. I quickly wrote him,and mentioned that my free trial was up in 5 minuettes, but if he wrote me back, I had a friend whom I thought he might like. It was just a hunch.
Well, my boss and he got married about 6 months later.

He is a wonderful husband and great dad too.

I also married a nice man that I met on the internet and now that I'm not looking for love on the internet I enter sweepstakes instead and I am still pretty lucky. Someday I hope I win a trip to Hawaii.

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