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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii-My Own Piece of Heaven
Dedicated to My father

Submitted by Lori

This is a rather unusual love story. It begins with a helping hand from Heaven and ends in an enticing place called, "Hawaii."

For many years I was dying to go to the magic isles of Hawaii. I often told my parents, who were concerned that I might move there without a job and be stranded. I had many discussions about how I was a free spirit, and how much I longed for a change from the ever-growing hectic pace of corporate LA. We argued many times about the pros and cons of the move.

Then, my father passed away suddenly around New Year's Eve 1993. The shock overwhelmed my family and I. Soon, all of Los Angeles was also in shock when the January 17th earthquake hit. This was, ironically, my father's birthday, and the first that he would be absent for.

A little while later, I happened to see an ad in a trade paper stating, "One way ticket to Hawaii." Well, it was as if someone tapped me on the shoulder and helped me devise one of the most creative cover letters I ever had. I was inspired. It was my dream job in my dream location.

I got it! Several months later, I was on a plane with all my belongs following on a boat. The coming year brought much needed healing, from the death of my dad and all the stress of Los Angeles. It was every bit as magical as I'd imagined. I still remember driving around the island of Oahu for the first time and how in awe I was as I rounded every bend.

Now, once again, back in L.A., I hear the sirens calling.

I know, in my heart, that my father's spirit somehow played a part in this incredible life adventure. He's probably up there smiling even now, as I, once again, offer words for another little piece of heaven that is Hawaii.

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