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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Dream
Dedicated to My New Husband Daniel

Submitted by Barendina

Daniel my love, how did we make it this far?
When once there was a time you didn't love me.

As friends, we poured out our most intimate feelings for other people in our lives. Our past our present and our future. How could we have known back then, that our lives would be as one today?

When you said you'd been to Hawaii, the place I had always wanted to be, I cried in
your arms that night, and you said it was there you wanted me to be.

Our wedding was just 5 months ago, and you knew hawaii was my dream. The money just wasn't there my love, I understood, and that's why we make a good team.

One day the two of us, we'll be there; alone
with just the sun, laughing and crying in the moonlight, it's then my dream will have just begun.

I love you...

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