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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Always A Local Girl
Dedicated to My Daughters

Submitted by Virginia

I was born and raised on Kauai, Hawaii fifty years ago. Since I left high school, I lived on Oahu. For the past four years, I reside in Port Ludlow,Washington, a little town on the Olympia Peninsula. The northwest is a beautiful place but not more than Hawaii. I miss Hawaii and my love for the islands has not waned. Hawaii is a special place, not only because it is home but because it is where love grows the best. I've learned how it really feels to be a minority. I have been in large crowds when I am the only non-white. Quite a cry from our multicultural, multiethnic Hawaiian society. I am not ashamed to be a minority in Hawaii but I understand more now what discrimination feels like. People do sometimes judge you by the color of your skin. But I've learned that presenting the Aloha Spirit up front and proudly stating my Hawaiian heritage will quickly brighten most people's outlook. Many mainlanders love Hawaii and there are so many Pacific islanders in the northwest. It almost feels like home. But nothing can replace our love for Hawaii. I travel home about twice a year and I bring back loads of items, e.g., fabrics, stationary, CDs, pictures, postures, that I miss the most. There are many "teriyaki" places but the food incomparable to Hawaii. We have a certain taste and style of cooking. I miss eating all the local foods. I don't like people saying that I have "an accent" because of my pidgeon, but now I say thank you for recognizing our special language. The people of Hawaii are special. Like family, we fight and argue but we still learn how to accept and love each other. Love is a broad term but love means Aloha. My love affair with Hawaii will never change. It is a special place, a place filled with love and aloha. That will never change, even through time and distance. I wish I could bring home all my new found friends to Hawaii. It will grab their hearts, just as it has mine. I appreciate Hawaii more than I ever thought possible. I hope to return to Hawaii someday....someday soon. Until then, I'll keep my love affair with Hawaii in my heart and show the rest of the world how truly special we are. I Love Hawaii.

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