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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Perfect Sunset
Dedicated to My mother

Submitted by Cindy

They sat hand in hand as the airplane made its decent. It had been Jennifer's lifelong dream to go to Hawaii, but life and long were never used in the same sentence when referring to Jen. Just two months before she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jeff had taken some time off work to be with his young wife. They landed at the airport and headed to the hotel. Before they even unpacked the couple put on their swimsuits and quickly headed to the beach. They spread their oversized beach towel over the golden sand and lay side by side letting the sun warm their bodies. If Jeff looked closely he could see the needle marks that the doctors and nurses had put in Jen trying in vain to make her better. But Jeff didn't look at her arms, he could only gaze into her eyes. He loved her more than words could say. When he took their marriage vows three years ago he had meant every word. Jen and Jeff stayed on the beach long after the other sun bathers had left. The sunset was beautiful.

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