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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Beach Bum's Surprise
Dedicated to Bud, the love of my life

Submitted by Cathy

I'm just a beach bum. This bachelor went to college but never bothered to pursue a career. My little Hawaiian beach shack suits me just fine. If I get hungry enough I can always find an odd job or two. As a loner I don't need a lot of friends. However, a beautiful girl just entered my life. No, I haven't met her yet but I intend to.

Each night about 11:00 p.m. this enchanting woman dressed in a white sarong dances on my end of the beach. Her graceful arms caress the air as she does the hula by herself. When she tires she sits upon the rocks and stares out to sea. I stare at the wreath of orchids in her luxurious brown hair. Sometimes she wades and splashes in the moonlit waters. I admire her most when she beautifies my beach by clearing away broken tree limbs and trash washed ashore. No woman ever made such an impact on me. To impress her I get a haircut and apply for a management position at a swanky hotel. I will make something of myself for this beauty.

I want to approach her but I'm a bit shy with girls. I'd hate to frighten a lone woman late at night. After two weeks of observing her slender form I'm determined to discover her identity. Perhaps some of the locals know who she is. During a light afternoon shower I walk to a nearby market. Mama Kakalina is there in her bright pink mumu. Her plump arms pick up several coconut heads carved with exotic faces. There's nothing she wouldn't sell the tourists and there's hardly anything she doesn't know about the island inhabitants. "Hi Mama. How's business?" I say.

"It would be much better if you buy my delicious fruit," she says.

"No thanks. I wonder if you could tell me if there are any families around here who have a daughter about twenty. She always wears a white sarong . Every night at eleven she hangs out at my beach."

"Does she wear a crown of lavender orchids on her head?" she says.

"Yes she does."

Mama Kakalina's eyes widened. Her head shook until the gray bun on top of her head released many strands of hair. "You go now. I have no time for talk of such a girl."

"What's the matter, Mama? I just want to know who she is."

"You speak of Kalama. Her name means flaming torch. She is the ghost girl in white who waits for her lover lost at sea, one hundred years ago."

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