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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Never A Honeymoon
Dedicated to My Husbond Bill

Submitted by Amanda

my husbond bill and i have been married for 8 years. when we meet, it was love at first sight. we talked about getting married for awile but never had the money for a formal wedding or a honeymoon. so instead of doing the big wedding we decided to save our money and have a small wedding and have a very nice honeymoon in hawaii. my husbond has always wanted to come to hawaii. so we did have the very small wedding. a justis of the peace with 1 witness and out daugher jessie making a seane like all 4 year olds do. then on what was souposed to be our honeymoon night, i came down with such a bad earache i had to be sent to the hospital while my new husbond had to stay home with out daughter. then i got better and we tried again to make plans for this honeymoon and my husbonds father passed away. so our honeymoon money went to help buary him. so we put off the honeymoon for another year.

just as i thought we would be able to go, i found out i was going to have another baby and our honeymoon money was once again turned into a no no. we have not had the money since.

i would really love to give my husbond this hawaii vacation he has been dreaming of. he works so hard and never askes for anything and he truley desirves it. it would make him a very happy man and it would give some much needed fun to our marrage.

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