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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love Hawaiian Style
Dedicated to My husband Jeff

Submitted by Pamela

Old man winter blows in once more and again, it's time to become a bored home-body. But this year, winter boredom doesn't set in because loving thoughts of a far away beautiful, paradise called Hawaii, floods my every thought. As I sit in front of my fireplace trying to warm up, I browse pictures sent to me of heavenly Hawaii. My best friend assures me, "You belong in Hawaii, it's just right for you." "You looked so happy and relaxed in Hawaii" another friend tells me. I pass the time with fantasies, dreaming of warm ocean waves that gently massage and soothe my tired, chilled feet. I remember how the island sounds were like music to my ears, and the smells of Hawaii assured me that the word grace still has devout meaning. The blessed, lush landscape with colorful flowers gave off a brilliant kaleidoscope affect that translated into a feeling of ecstasy. As Hawaiian thoughts creep deeper into my body, I felt a warmth intensify. This is when I realized that Hawaii captured my soul. The picture of a Hawaiian sunset with a flickering glow dancing on the edge of the ocean would not leave my mind and I knew in that moment... I was experiencing Hawaiian love that captured my heart!

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