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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My "On Golden Pond"
Dedicated to My Awesome Husband

Submitted by Marilyn

It was a beautiful warm August day in Dana Point California, not a cloud in the sky.

My husband Sam had just returned home from his appointment with our marriage counselor, he had a strange look on his face and so we sat down on our back patio and I started questioning him on how the session went.

He filled me in on bits and pieces of their conversation, and finally came out with a question the counselor had asked him! As he began to speak, my heart felt it was beating a hundred miles per hour. He proceeded to tell me that the counselor asked him if he wanted to work on the marriage? I said, "so what did you say"? and he replied a firm "NO". At this point my mind was spinning, I thought about what I would do to bring in money. And how I would tell our three beautiful kids, and just plain feeling panic! I felt so completely alone. My parents were both deceased and so I had no one to depend on but myself!

In the weeks to follow, I started an after-school daycare from my home, which brought in a small income. Also, I began to teach surfing lessons which enabled me to supplement my income and also do something I really love.

A year later, after many unfruitful dates, I attended my friend's 25 year class reunion

As we entered the El Adobe Restaurant where it was being held, another old friend of mine came up to me and said, she had the perfect guy for me to meet! "I've heard that one before". But hesitantly I stood there while she went across the room to bring this man over to me, she introduced him as Michael Murphy, he did have a nice smile and kind eyes! He proceeded to buy me a drink and we decided to walk to the outside patio so that we could talk.

I felt as though I had known him all my life! He wasn't the usual type of man I normally chose for myself, I think I was always looking for that one guy that just didn't exist.

We spoke for about an hour and my friend came up to me to inform me it was time to go. "I said, it was nice talking to you, and then I left to go to another restaurant. Michael must have overheard where we were going, as he showed up there soon after us! I was very surprised and flattered. We were arm and arm the entire rest of the evening. We talked about our dreams of moving to Hawaii and building our own plantation house and having a huge garden to grow all of our vegetables.

Within 8 months we were married and live in Dana Point, Ca. Our plans of moving to Hawaii are still in the works. My three children absolutely adore him and call him Dad!

I am truly Blessed to have found my soul mate and to have a second chance at love.

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