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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Never far from My Heart
Dedicated to Antonio

Submitted by Pamela

When I was a young woman, all of 21. I thought I was a woman of the world I met a man who seemed to captivate my heart. We had a treasured romance that too quickly slipped from my fingers. One morning I woke up and he was gone. Just a few words of goodbye scribbled on a sheet of notebook paper.He left me alone wondering just what I had done to deserve the sentance of Loneliness and a Broken Heart. He was off to see the world.

I was left with my own despair and grief, for I told him I couldn't leave my family behind. But as my heart healed I looked back at our wonderful times together and realized that those thoughts were getting me through the my pain.

As time passed I picked up the pieces of my life and went on, as if he were just a distant memory. But in my own heart I knew that if we met up again, I would be thrilled beyond my wildest dreams. Here and there I would here of his life through mutual friends. I always wondered if he ever asked of me and what I was doing.What he thought and did was never far from my heart, even if I had no idea where in the world he was or what he was doing.

Finally the day arrived for me to move back to my home town. I had been away for several months, doing what I had always dreamed of travelling the United States and seeing friends as I went from state to state.It seemed I was back at my house for only a few days when Antonio called one warm, Sunday, summer evening.It was the moment I had always dreamed of. I was so amazed when it happened.

>From that moment on we were inseperable.It was if time had stood still, except we were a little older and wiser!This was such an fabulous time for both of us. What a roller coaster of emotions. Joy, Love, Fear and Sadness too.Where had the years gone?

Now together we are travelling the world.Our very favorite spot on the entire planet is the Kohala Coast of Hawaii. We love to just enjoy the quiet beaches and beautiful views that stretch for miles before us. Sunset is my favorite time of the day, of course Antonio's is Sunrise.We are living our lifetime dream of being together and often the dream comes true in Beautiful Hawaii.

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