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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Your Eyes
Dedicated to The one I carry with me

Submitted by Janese

Remember those days of watching the Brady Bunch together. Our favorite episode was when they went to Hawaii. We said one day that is where we would go, come on even the Bradys' were cool there. Then as we got older our dreams shifted to goals and our goals to responsibilities. Life went on and we took vacations that were close to home. We had fun at these vacations, who wouldn't all we needed was the water and the love in our eyes. I drift around in your eyes to so many destinations but all that still matters to me after all these years is the destination of looking in your eyes and knowing that I will always be safe there.So no matter where I go even when you are not with me I carry this picture of when we were younger. And you know what? I know that was the first time that I saw the look of love in your eyes.

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