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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Wind Off Wikii Beach
Dedicated to Mary Anne My Wife My Love

Submitted by John

The Balcony

It was March 1967. A balcony on the 8th floor of the Wakikii Circle Hotel in Honolulu. My new bride and I fell in love with Hawaii. Early in the morning the wind off the ocean was blowing the curtins back into the room. We went out on the balcony an saw the waves crashing on the beach. The palm trees were bending in the wind, the air was clean and fresh and we stood there wishing we could stay forever.

March 1987. How could 20 years have gone by so fast. We stayed in the same room on the same day but it was 20 years later. The wind was still blowing in off the Pacific Ocean. The palm trees were still bending in the wind. The same curtins were blowing back into the room and we stood there and thought about the last twenty years and wished we never had to leave.

March 2007. If The Wakikii Circle Hotel hasen't been torn down we'll stay in the same room. We'll walk out on the balcony early in the morning and breath the wonderful air. The wind will still be blowing in off the Pacific Ocean, the same palm trees will still be bending in the wind. We may even have the same curtins blowing back into the room. The only diference is we will now be older. We will still love each other as we did the first day we stood on that balconey in i967 and never wanted to leave. We will still love each other as we did in 1987, and we will always love Hawaii.


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