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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Fate intervened,hopeful hearts meet
Dedicated to Al,my honey bunny

Submitted by Olliem

I was feeling blue,alone,emotionally bruised, about to give up on meeting the right man to marry altogether.Things looked bleak and hopeless in my life then.I even decided that being single might just be the best option for me.My longterm relationship had ended with great sadness.Our year-long engagement ended permanently,too.My fiance had recurring bouts of cold feet as the wedding date grew closer.We had broken our engagement several times because of his hesitancy,only to get back together again.I had been working in a small town,so I decided to put some geographic distance between us.I relocated to a large city where my parents were living.A few months later,a lovely girl from work persuaded me to go out on the town with her one pleasant summer's night.I honestly was reluctant to go,as I sure wasn't looking to meet someone new.But fate intervened.There he stood,alone, sporting a bronze suntan,tall and handsome and smiling this winning smile.The stranger came over to our table,introduced himself and asked me to dance in this crowded discotheque.I adore suntans and asked,"Al,have you just returned from Hawaii?".He said,"no,I've just returned from Acapulco".From this moment on we both clicked.We had eyes for noone else after that,dancing the night away.Al's charming manners,good looks and sincere personality made me change my mind about falling in love again.I decided to give myself a second chance.It's been 36 years now since we were married.I have no regrets about my second chance love.Aloha Hawaii!What a surprise dream come true it would be for us to visit the romantic islands of Hawaii together.Maybe there's a chance that my dream will come true.Never run away from what wonderful things fate has in store for you.

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